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What's Her Face's Zip Code

Several real and fake Zip Codes are used throughout the Homestar Runner site. These include:

  • 30307
This is the Zip Code on the contact page. This is in Atlanta, Georgia, hometown of the Brothers Chaps.
  • 30356
Also an Atlanta Zip Code, this is the Zip Code given for Harmless Junk, Inc.
  • 2x2x2
Used for the store questions. This of course is not a real Zip Code. (According to United States Postal Service regulations, Zip Codes starting with 2 are located in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.)
  • 80808
Used for the FAQ, the Thorax Corporation, and What's Her Face's address. This Zip Code is for Calhan, Colorado, although the Thorax Corporation places Mundelow, PA within its boundaries.
  • 642T2
If you check the Zip Code on the FAQ envelope below "Without having to email, US", it is 642T2, which seems to be a reference to the Strong Bad Sings cartoon. At the end, the announcer says to call 1-800-428-64 tooty-two. (According to United States Postal Service regulations, Zip Codes of the order 64*** are in Missouri, but Zip Codes of the order 642** do not exist. Theoretically it would indicate an area to the north of Kansas City, Missouri.)
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