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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during the Ballad of The Sneak.

Lyrics Visuals
An Old-Timey introduction reading "The Ballad of The Sneak" as performed by Da Vinci's Notebook is shown.
I know a lively fellow,
who is really quite unique.
He's small and smart and yellow,
with a rodent-like physique.
One member of The Barbershop Trio is onscreen with a stack of barrels in the background. He is quickly joined by the other two members and they sing.
He doesn't play the cello,
and he never deigns to speak.
He's The Strong Bad's Leporello,
and they just call him The Sneak!
Cuts to reveal the trio's whole bodies and more barrels. Toward the end of this scene, all members outstretch their arms to their left and look upward in that direction.
If you've got a caper
then you know who to call.
The Sneak walks along a wall, passing a boot.
It's The Sneak! The Sneak's head and front arms are showing through a circle. The text "it's the sneak" appears above the circle.
It's The Sneak! The Sneak instantly turns around so that only his tail and back legs are showing. Another "it's the sneak" appears below the circle.
Who's the Dapper Swindler
out of Tammany Hall?
A wanted poster of The Dapper Swindler unrolls on a wall. It's a picture of a mobster with The Sneak's nose and mouth. Above it is the text WANTED. Below is the text "THE DAPPER SWINDLER" known in the Northwest Territories as The Sneak.
Vo-vo-vo-dee-oh-do A picture of a door and stairs in onscreen. A sign nearby reads "TAMMANY HALL." There's a caption underneath the picture that reads, "Boss Tweed gives The Sneak what-for!" One member of The Barbershop Trio's head pops up in the bottom-left part of the screen and sings the line.
It's The Sneak! The Barbershop Trio member leaves as a the picture changes. The door is open and a leg is sticking out with the word "PROHIBITION?" written on the pants. It has "boot"-ed The Sneak, who is flying away. A piece of paper with the words "HOOT- SMALLEY TARRIFF" is falling down.
A drum appears over the picture, which becomes faded. The drum is hit.
That charming little whatsit
who's The Strong Man's greatest pal?
Old-Timey Bubs is playing a banjo while sitting on a haystack. The Sneak walks by behind him.
It's The Sneak! A hand pops out of the haystack holding a sign that reads "it's the sneak!"
It's The Sneak! Another hand pops out of the first hand's sign. This new hand is holding a similar sign.
Another sign-holding hand pops out of the second hand's sign. Then a fourth sign-holding hand appears out of the third one's sign.
Who did the Hully-Gully
on the Panama Canal?
The Sneak is dancing on a barrel. When "Canal" is spoken, some text reading "Not the Panama Canal" appears on the right with an arrow pointing to the barrel.
Doo-wacka-doo-wacka-doo The Sneak does a different dance and the words "doo wacka doo wacka doo" appear on the upper-left, one word at a time.
It's The Sneak! Cut to the Old Timey Radio. The words "IT'S THE SNEAK!" come out of it and stay underneath it as they are spoken.
A train whistle wearing an engineer's hat toots twice.
{music} Strong Bad, The Homestar Runner and Fat Dudley are dancing on a steel girder high above the city. The Sneak is crawling in the space underneath them. Another girder comes up and connects to the first one, and The Sneak continues crawling into it. The Homestar Runner is standing next to a bottle of hooch with a fence in the background. The cork pops off of the bottle and The Homestar Runner's body flies up with his feet staying on the ground, stretching out his legs. As The Homestar Runner goes up, a mooing sound is heard. Sickly Sam is doing the Charleston on a steel girder. The girder leans and Sickly Sam falls off. The girder then gets back to its correct position. A silhouette scene of two hills with flowers and a tree. The Sneak runs along the path.
Who's that jaunty jackanapes
with moxie and pizzazz?
It's The Sneak! (Yes, sir!)
The Sneak is riding a piano that is moving quickly past factories and circus tents.
It's The Sneak! Cut to the Old-Timey Cliff. Strong Bad flies by in a biplane, spelling "the sneak" with smoke as he flies by. Then The Sneak comes by riding on the piano and it rolls of the cliff, taking The Sneak with it.
Who's been drinking bootleg hooch
and listening to the jazz?
One member of the Barbershop Trio is shouting the words into a megaphone.
Vo-vo-voh-de-oh-doh The other two members of the Barbershop Trio stick their heads out of the megaphone and sing the line.
It's The— The two members retract their heads back inside. The first member shouts the words into the megaphone.
Who captures all the—
The Sneak is standing in front of a phonograph. Suddenly a blast comes out from it, causing The Sneak's head to explode.
—flapper girls' affections? The Sneak is chasing Marzipan in the Old-Timey field. A member of the trio is in the foreground, singing the line.
Who made off with my Fluffy Puff confections? A fattened The Sneak is holding his belly, looking sick. He is surrounded by cans of Fluffy Puff confections and little cupcakes scattered on the ground, some completely eaten, some nibbled, and some whole. A member of the Barbershop Trio's head is sticking out from the top and says the line.
He's dastardly! The Sneak is back in the circle. He wiggles his nose and grows Old-Timey Strong Bad's mustache on his mouth.
He loves catastrophe! The Sneak's mustache grows bigger.
His schemes are masterly!
Takes tea at—
The Sneak's mustache grows even bigger and he also grows a large beard that hangs out of the circle.
—half past three! A Strong Bad wristwatch is shown. It is a regular wristwatch with Old-Timey Strong Bad in the middle and his hands telling the time. The time is 3:29. The minute hand moves forward to 3:30.
That sneaky sneaker's sneakin' all over town! The Barbershop Trio are back by the barrels, singing with their hats in their left hands.
Who dropped the Homestar Runner from his— The Strong Man hops onto a see-saw that The Sneak is sitting on, causing him to fly off into the background.
—flying machine?
Is it The Sneak?
A badly injured the Homestar Runner with bandages and crutches & The Sneak dance left and right among a fence background.
(28 Skidoo!) It's The Sneak! Fort Wayne Locomotive holds The Sneak as if he were a football, while running like a football player does. A football field is in the background.
Who put a bengal tiger— Strong Bad leaps in the air while grabbing his behind, accompanied with cartoon sound effects. He eventually lands, and The Sneak comes up from the bottom left screen corner, with a piece of Strong Bad's pants in his mouth.
—in The Kaiser's latrine? (Ach Du lieber!) A visual of a wooden outhouse/latrine is shown. Cartoonish fighting symbols coming out of there accompanied with the rocking and jamming of the outhouse/latrine are shown, and eventually, The Kaiser comes out.
It's The Sneak! One of the Barbershop Trio's members sticks his head out from the bottom of the screen. The background of barrels is from the beginning of the Ballad.
You know it's The Sneak! Another Barbershop Trio member sticks his head out from the bottom the screen.
The Sneakity Sneak all day long!! The last Barbershop Trio member sticks his head out from beneath.
{music} The screen flashes between Old-Timey Bubs playing a guitar, Old-Timey Marzipan jumping and The Sneak jumping on the piano keys. The Homestar Runner appears.
What? The Sneak pops out of The Homestar Runner's mouth.
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