Carnivorous Undead Sheep

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"They call it 'Subject X'."

The Carnivorous Undead Sheep (also called the "Snarling Hungry Sheep" or "Subject X") is a sheep first seen in Most in the Graveyard. It's been known to prowl the graveyard behind The King of Town's castle. The origin of the sheep is unknown, though some say it's an escaped laboratory animal. Strong bad and his crew wanted to use it as their cool zombie slave upon finding it using jumper cables and pickled monkey fingers. It upon seeing Homestar and Pom pom was going to eat them, at which point, Pom pom drew out a gun. The Goblin fell from the sky then, landing right on top of it, incapacitating it. He then proceeds to do a techno remix of his usual theme whilst dancing on it.


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