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(Appearances: also in 8-Bit is Enough)

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Incredible likeness

Whenever Strong Bad draws or imagines himself, he tends to exaggerate his features, apparently to make himself look taller, more muscular, and cooler. Generally his imagined selves all follow the same pattern, being very tall and having huge, bulging muscles. The exception was in suntan, where he actually boasts not having any pecs.


  • Strong Badman is taller, buffer and has a much smaller head than the real Strong Bad.
  • Email action figure — Like Strong Badman, the Strong Bad action figure is taller, buffer and has a much smaller head than the real deal.
  • Email interview — If you click on the Strong Bad post-it, you see an action figure-like Strong Bad.
  • Email suntan — Strong Bad claims to have abs "bulging all over the place" and repeatedly mentions his muscles, even though he doesn't have any visible ones. He even invents the Ab-Abber 2000.
  • Email part-time job — Strong Bad draws himself with large muscles to end the email.
  • Email lady...ing — During the Marshmallow's Last Stand scene, Strong Bad bulges out his biceps while explaining about ladies being unable to "resist muscular wrestling moves off the top rope!"
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 — Strong Bad draws himself as a muscular construction worker.
  • Email portrait — Strong Bad makes a buff, cyber-footed wooden cutout of himself.
  • SBCG4AP Advertisement — At the end of the trailer, Strong Bad is drawn muscular with spiky armor and holding a big knife. The Cheat is on a leash, drawn like a vicious beast.
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