Flash's 10th Birthday

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"Happy Freakin' Flashday!!

Strong Bad celebrates 10 years of flash animation.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Places: Flash program


{Open to a message reading "In 2006, Flash celebrated its 10th birthday. We made this toon for the folks at Adobe to show at thier big birthday celebration. We barely got it to them in time. Originally,the last few lines of dialog were recorded in a bathroom in Brooklyn with a system microphone and a towel over Matt's head". The message disappears after a few seconds. Cut to a flash program, which is pretty dark and the sound of wind blowing is heard. Strong Bad jumps out from a door and everything becomes bright.

Strong Bad: Surprise!! {shakes arms in the air.} Happy Birthday Flash 5!! And to a lesser extent 6, 7 and 8!! Oh, Flash 5, we've been through alot together, except for when I needed to invent videos...

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