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"It's the ghost of General Tso!"

Green smoke is often seen in Free Country, USA, generally used to signify a strong stench.


  • Email ghosts — The rotten Chinese food seen has green smoke coming out of it.
  • Email monster truckThe Poopsmith horrifyingly lights some smoke bombs, including a green one.
  • Email couch patch — When Strong Bad cuts open the couch looking for Aztec gold, green smoke comes out.
  • Email long pants — When Homestar's pants are incinerated, green smoke is produced.
  • Sick Day — When Homestar is sick, his burps emit a green smoke. Also, green smoke emanates from the the door to Strong Mad's room.
  • Email trading cards — When the Coach Z showering expert trading card appears, a layer of green smoke is around him. Later, when Stinkoman uses the Cheatball Poison Rain Vornado attack, Cheatball explodes in a cloud of green smoke.
  • Email hygiene — Green smoke comes out of Homestar's mouth, while Strong Bad describes it as an "ecological train wreck".
  • Rotten Eggs — The egg that Strong Bad finds in the couch emits green smoke.
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