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Character: String Bed
watch String Bed's character video Hamster Ruiner The Cheese
This is String Bed.


String Bed is one of the most well-known characters in the Hamster Ruiner body of work. He is the YouTube Poop version of Strong Bad and smokes crack as well as hanging out with his friends Hamster Ruiner, Bebs, The Cheese, Pok Pok, Marxipan, Coach Zeta, String Ses, String Mod, The Tsar of Town, Shitmeister, Hemsor, Mr. Blank, Signior, and other characters. He has a series that currently has 1 season and 6 episodes based on his experiences.

String Bed: The Real Crackhead Series

Season 1

1. Did Someone Say Chocolate? - String Bed sells his own candy product made of a very disgusting con-cock-tion, if you will.

2. Someone Said Chocolate - String Bed plays Gears of War 3 until he got killed by a Brumak. Afterwards, he made a kid's show that involves killing The Cheese. Meanwhile, Hemsor has his own child-friendly series.

3. Sibbie Sucks - String Bed is irritated over an email from someone named Sibbie. He then confronts The Count from Sesame Street after failing to count all of the flower vases in his basement.

4. JUMBO/LARGE! - String Bed and The Cheese smoke weed and go on a trip within a road trip. It turns out that it wasn't what they had expected.

5. Roscoe Dash's Modern Life - String Bed introduces the cutting edge of evil modernized technology to high-school students.

6. String Bed's Resurrection - In this Season 1 finale, String Bed kills himself and undergoes a bizarre NDE. ***SPOILER!: This is not a clip show of the past 5 episodes.***

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