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These things are bad for you!

Swiss Cake Rolls are frosted, cylindrical chocolate cakes with a cream swirl inside. As such, they are a favorite snack food in Free Country, USA and in the real world, too. Sometimes they are treated as characters.

Although other companies make a similar product (e.g. Hostess HoHo), Little Debbie Snacks makes a cake with the name Swiss Cake Roll.


  • Strong Bad Email Automatic Response — Back when Strong Bad Email was relatively new, whenever one emailed Strong Bad, one got an automatic response, in which Strong Bad said he would read the email after finishing off some Swiss Cake Rolls.
  • Email invisibility — Strong Bad steals a bunch of these from Bubs' Concession Stand while invisible. Bubs treats the rolls as if they were a real character, saying "My chocolates! Come back chocolates! I didn't mean what I said!". Homestar Runner also treats the seemingly-floating food items as characters, and after being punched by invisible Strong Bad, Homestar comments that "those things are bad for you." Strong Bad than proceeds to eat them on his couch, and attempts in vain to have Strong Mad listen to a "talking" Swiss Cake Roll.
    • Email personal favorites — The first Swiss Cake Roll scene from "invisibility" is shown in a flashback.
  • Email 50 emails — The occasion is celebrated with a Swiss Cake Roll adorned with a "50" candle.
  • The System is Down — The reason the website went down is because someone, probably Strong Bad, tried to cram-a-lam several Swiss Cake Rolls into the disk drive/motherboard of the server.
  • Email big white face — In the Easter egg, Swiss Cake Rolls (along with the "50" candle from 50 emails) are one of the things you can add to The Poopsmith's cake.
  • Email garage sale — Strong Bad attempts to sell some Swiss Cake Rolls at the garage sale for $50.
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