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The tiles are the same as is Main_Page_14. I see 3 explanations here.

  1. Homestar is taking a shower in the bathroom of the brothers strong.
    • problems: the tub in Homestar_Presents:_Presents does not have a shower curtain. although if we are entertaining this deep discussion it is possible that the room is bigger than we think and has both a tub and a shower.
  1. Homestar's bathroom has the same tiling as the brother's strong's bathroom.
    • problems: unlikely that TBC would make their bathroom the same on purpose as it would cause confusion.
  1. This bathroom is in neither of their houses.
    • problem: although possible, equally unlikely, although in Experimental_Film its in b&W and we can't see any tiles.

Discuss away I R F 00:15, 22 March 2006 (UTC)

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