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"I'm open! I'm open!"

The Deke is the star forward basketball player on the same team as Strong Bad according to Words I Probably Said. The Deke once received a pass from Reg at the top of the key, and slam-dunked it. The Deke shoved Strong Bad to the ground and called him an unknown word, since Strong Bad skipped ahead right before the word. The Deke also (perhaps) provides a review of Strong Bad's rock opera in the email of the same name. The Deke also apparently starred in Axe-Gun: Legends Of The Brain Outener in rated. Clicking on the pennants in Strong Bad's basement in 8-Bit is Enough during Extended Play will show a fake credits sequence that mentions The Deke. A "deke" in sports is when a player with the ball spins to get past the defense. It's most often used in hockey, not basketball.

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