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Helscome to my User Page! It's still not done yet, but i'm woiking on it.

I was born in a great time you may not have heard of, but most people refer to it as... the 90's (1990's).

Well as for anything i've done, I created a couple of new pages. Don't gut me (like sheep), though. I know these pages have been a little... crappy, to say the least. I'm a newbie at this, though. So that's why you should't gut me like sheep. I aslo make correction to page what need. (I did that last sentence on poipose).

So onto bweesness. I have no bweesness card. I try not to do a lot of pages or corrections, because usually when I do I screw it up. I screw up a different way for everything, somehow. That's why I always try to not kaem a lot of thgnis on het kiwi.

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