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About Me

Yes, you've stumbled upon my userpage. :) I am a new member to the Homestar Runner Wiki, and I hope to make many contributions to make HRWiki better and more informative for everyone. For now, I'll be stumbling around the wiki and doing more reading than editing, until I learn how to use the editor better and get more used to the wiki's layout and such.

Anyways, I am currently 14 years old and am living in New York. I love to go on the internet (and one of my favorite sites is Homestar Runner).
Some other things I like to do include reading, writing, drawing, singing, and playing piano. I'm in the book club, the chess club, and the art/literary magazine club at school. I love to be involved in anything and everything.

My Homestar Runner Favorites and Fond Memories

This section refers more to my favorites and/or information on when I first found out about Homestar Runner than "fond memories", but I felt the name was cool anyways.
The first time I ever heard of Homestar Runner was somewhere around September 2006 (judging by the fact that cliffhangers was the newest sbemail at the time). I was actually browsing wikipedia and found information about Game Boys, and was reading up on the oh-so-interesting history of the Nintendo Game Boy when I found that one of the games it linked to had a reference to Homestar Runner and therefore, a link to the Wikipedia article. I read up on the article and found it sounded really awesome and checked out the site. Lo and behold, Homestar Runner.
Great story, I know. Just be happy this is a website and not a verbal storytelling, or else you'd be asleep and snoring loudly by now.

And now, for my Homestar Favorites Hall-O-Fame.

My Homestar Runner Wiki Contributions

Right now, I don't really have many contributions. I think I just corrected spelling and grammer once or twice. But once I do something really cool and/or special, I'll put it here.
Although on March 15, 2007 I made my first edit on something that wasn't my own userpage or talk page: the your funeral talk page!
And although it might not be much, it's kind of a jump for me who hasn't really done much of anything. Especially because I used to have an account before this one but forgot the username, and I never made any edits on that account in the few months I had it.


Contacting Me

AIM: CompGrl323
MSN Messenger:
Yahoo! Messenger: HarryPFan333 (although I don't go on it much)

Other Webpages


Thanks for visiting my userpage!

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