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[edit] Howdy, I'm Sara.

Okay, I'm going to list some of my favorite stuffs per the user page guide because my creativity is running on low at the moment.

No, I did not draw this.
  • I am a high school freshman and I live in Washington.
  • I'm pretty good with HTML and BBCODE. I pretty much suck with this Wiki-coding jargon and CSS. I can draw pretty well, but since my PSP7 isn't up and running, I'm not doing a lot of posting of my art on the inter-web-net.
  • My favorite character based on likeability is Strong Sad. My favorite character based on generalized funniness is and will forever be Homestar.

[edit] What I'm Likely To Be Doing On Homestar Runner Wiki

"...while black coffee continually streams down his mouthless face."
  • Correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation in various articles
  • Adding remarks, references, trivia, easter eggs, and other helpful information.
  • Taking screenshots of "important" things, like Coach Z with that eyeball pear.
  • Trying to suppress n00bism wherever it appears! Da-dun-dun-DAAAA!!
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