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Epic Rules of Epicness-ness-ness-osity

Ok, so the Epic Award of Epicnessosity is coming up this Christmas, (see here), so here are the rules!

  1. Vandilizim will NOT be tolerated, and will put you out of the running
  2. No Biting
  3. Do NOT nominate yourself
  4. The award winner is very lucky, and putting him/her down will not be accepted
  5. Major kissing up is acceptable

The coolest piece of artwork ever made

Thanks to User:Benol. Sorry, it's still in the asking permission phase.

Favo TV Shows

  • reba
  • The Closer
  • psych
  • Bones

My Bottom Ten

The Schwa's

1. Waking up in the middle of the night ready to throw up.
2. My friends going obsessio-depressio over mangas
3. Mini-Golf
4. Having something that you think will take 30 minuets turn
    into an all-day affair
5. Um... Not The Schwa
6. People who dis me for playing Thy Dungeonman! on the forums
7. Women who obsess over gay guys
8. Naruto/Death Note
9. Adam Lambert
10. Weeks without H*R updates

The Schwa

You found it!

Espe Pwnage!Espemon333Espe Pwnage!
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