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Nick Bate
Gender: Male?
Born: 1991 (17)
Location: Pennsylvania
Occupation: Househusband, Flash cartoonist
Spouse(s): I have one in mind.
Children: Someday, at least two.
Interests: They Might Be Giants, Bonus Stage, Homestar Runner, RPGs

I'm Nick Bate, aka Hagurumon aka Sly aka Akagi aka a bunch of other stuff.

I'm just some guy. I haven't watched H*R for several months due to being sent to a psychiatric hospital by my evil mom, but now I'm back and have been watching again. I was member number 162 on the old WikkiTavi or whatever it's called wiki, and April 23rd, 2004 was when I joined. I learned aboot They Might Be Giants indirectly through the Experimental Film video, and they are my favorite band now. The reason I say "indirectly" is because Experimental Film introduced some of my friends to TMBG, and after they referenced Their songs so much, I felt left out and decided to buy some albums. So I did, and now I'm a fan (and a completist). I also like Nirvana, Green Day, theSTART, and probably others.

I'm also a fan of Bonus Stage, RPGs (and LARPs!), Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, and other stuff that I can't remember due to bad short term memory. The Final Fantasy series pwns. I've beaten FF7, FF9, FF10, FFX-2 and FFT. I don't have FF8 yet. I also play Pokémon and Digimon games sometimes. Hagurumon is my favorite Digimon, if you hadn't already figured that out.

I also have many problems. More than two, even! It may not seem like it (because I am a master of being discreet), but I'm all the time depressed and emo. The Internet is my escape from the world.

I don't know how often I'll do editing 'round here. But whatever. I'm also on This Might Be A Wiki as Akagi, and LiveJournal as Hagurukagi, but I tend to use language that is not suitable for children, teenagers, adults or senior citizens. So don't go to LJ. I also am on deviantART as Hagurumon, so you can find some of my Flash stuff there.

Due to being absent from HRWiki for over two years, I do not know any of the trends and/or fads going on around here, so I'm just gonna steer clear of the forums. Also, no, I probably won't go out with you. I'm taken. Sort of. Well, not really. But still.

Also, I only have Internet access when I'm at my Dad's house, and now that I (accidentally) graduated from school, I can go there more often, but still completely randomly. It's probably like a week or so at my grandmother's house and then a week or so at Dad's. And repeat.

Oh, and I like telling people unnecessary amounts of information aboot myself. (go figure!)

Most Recent Email to Strong Bad

Evidence, just in case he picks mine. ;)

Dearest of all Strong Bads,
You seem to have some pretty terrible luck. I don't know what you did
do invoke its wrath, but I think it best you get yourself some good
luck charms. Or do you already have some?

A person,
Dr. Nickalaus Boyd Sotutzenberger, Ph.D.
Washington Boro, Pencil-Vein-Ee-Ah

Lol, I just realized I misspelled my own name (Stoutzenberger). =D

HR Favorites
  • Character: Coach Z
  • Running Gags/In-Jokes: BMW Lighter, Mountain Dew, Melonade, Butts
  • Strong Bad Alter-Ego: Dangeresque
  • Computer: The Lappy
  • HRWiki User: Oh, like you really need to ask.
  • Reasons Why I'm Cool: That's not even remotely HR-related.
  • Food: What?! That's not H*R-related either! But I do like Italian food. And Mexican.
  • Color: Seriously, that's still not H*R. Stop that. ...probably yellow or green or something.
  • Final Fantasy Side-Quest: ...Blitzball and chocobo breeding.
  • Pants: Skirts. :p
  • ...wut?: Nevermind. -_-
  • no srsly, wut?: Use grammar.
  • Reasons Why I'm Cool: You already asked.
  • Reasons Why I'm Cool: *sigh* I honestly have no clue. Go ask my friends what they like aboot me.
  • Is it because of your catchphrase?: Probably. Kentucky Don't Exist, yo!
  • How many friends do you have?: One super-close friend, probably around three regular friends (two of which harrass me all the time, so they're close to demotion), and countless acquantainces whom I sometimes IM but not often. Also, all of my friends are Internet-only. I live a sad life.
  • Then go outside.: No. I'm staying indoors until I'm married.
  • How are you going to meet a girl if you stay indoors?: Never ask that again.
  • so i herd u liek mudkips: Moderately. My favorite Pokémon include (but are not limited to): Skitty, Poochyena, Meowth, Raichu and Ralts.
  • Anyway, back to HR. Favorite quote?: Uhhhh... I 'unno. Probably something Coach Z has said.
  • Most quoted quote?: Uhhh... I like to say "I have more than two problems" a lot. Because it's true. I even made a list of my problems online. There's currently 55 things listed.
  • HOLY CRAP!: Yeah, I know. Back to HR, plz.
  • How many emails have you sent SB?: Hmm... at least five... But only two or three were any good. The others were things that Strong Bad would never answer.
  • Do any TMBG songs sync up to HR toons?: O_O That's... a good question... I'll have to look into that.
  • Have you ever recorded a H*R toon, played it backwards, and discovered an amusing subliminal message? No, not really, but I listened to that "Everybody, Everybody" thing backwards a few times. It provided me with a few good moments of lawls.
  • Favorite location: I'm fond of The Stick and Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Email: That's like asking my favorite Bonus Stage episode or TMBG song.
  • Favorite Bonus Stage episode and TMBG song: Don't be a wiseguy.
  • AIM: Hagurumon31
  • MSN:
  • YIM: Hagurumon41

Um, yeah, see...I was a huge fan of Digimon when I was first introduced to the Internets. I mean, I do still like Digimon, but not that much anymore.

Also, I have a Skype username, but the computer I'm using is too slow to handle Skype. It freezes up for quite a while every time I attempt to do anything. This makes me sad because had Skype worked, it would've indirectly led to curing my depression. Don't ask.

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