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[edit] Greetings

Greetings, I'm James, known better to most of you as JamesGecko. I was among the first few to stumble on the wiki back in the old days...

{goes into a rambling old man daze}
I liked making major edits, I once started whole sections like places, and added first drafts of characters pages and noone complained much.
I developed a reputation of having really bad spelling... And leaving emoticons in my comments. :-)
I transcribed "Army"...

{chokes and snaps out of the daze}

So, yeah. I'm still around, I still read the wiki and all, but I've stopped contributing as much; partially because theres not too much major editing to do anymore, it seems mostly to be nitpicking about the capitalization of Strong Bad's latest quotable quote.<p> I apologize if I happen to miss some important editing and/or formatting policy. I try to keep up with the rules, but quite frankly, I get confused attempting to edit pages like STUFF.

[edit] Contact

Feel free to drop me a line in my Talk page.

Or, you can visit my blog at

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