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(I have a popcorn machine ready to make sure no one does any work todaborlabor day!)
(One time, Mr. Poofers was walking across this rope bridge. Then, the rope snapped a rubber band at Old Man Root Beer. "Dang that rope! Always playin' tricks and teamin' up with that pimecone thief!")
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[[User:Jay|<span style = "color: #9999FF">''Jaybor Day''</span>]] [[User talk:Jay|<span style = "color: #006633"><small>(Talk)</small></span>]]
[[User:Jay|<span style = "color: #FF8000">''Jay <span style = "color: #000000">o</span>'Lant<span style = "color: #000000">e</span>rn''</span>]] [[User talk:Jay|<span style = "color: #444"><small>(Haunt)</small></span>]]

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Jay o'Lantern (Haunt)

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