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Helscome to my user page. It's not finished. but I'm awesome.


[edit] Favorite halloween costumes

here are the funniest costumes ever!!1!

homestar as angus young, strong bad as carmen miranda, pom pom as scud, and last but not least, the cheat as izzy.

[edit] favorite characters

My favorite characters are Strong Bad, The cheat, I only sorta like homestar, and Stinkoman is pretty cool.

[edit] other interests

Along with being a Homestar Runner fan, not all i like is h*r related. I also like Mario and i like video games. Alot,

[edit] something Random

A splode is a lot.

[edit] awesome club

be a member of my awesome club!1! I totally look awesome singing sdrowkcab metal!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!

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