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I have pledged to not touch the internet for anything except to look stuff up and talk with friends till I finish a big project. Hopefully this won't take long.


Hello. My name is Joe, and I'm a fan of Homestar Runner. I've always loved wikis, so I decided to join. I have a bad habit of adding two spaces after a sentence. Like this. My favorite characters are Senor Cardgage, Homsar, Strong Sad, and The Denzel. I use proper grammar, but sometimes I forget to capitalize. Leave me a message and I'll get right back to you on my Talk Page. I was the one who made the subtitles for record book and Teen Girl Squad Issue 2. I also welcomed aprrox. 137 users. My favorite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and Agatha Christie. Nerdly enough, I found this hilarious. I'm particularly proud of Ghost, a disambig page... dunno why...

How I discovered H*R

Well... My friend is a fan of homestarrunner, and he decided to tell me about it. Unfortunately, the cartoon he decided to introduce me to this wonderful website with was different town. One of the first characters I saw was Modestly Hot Homsar. I stayed away from it for a few months. Of course, first I looked it up on wikipedia. Then I found the Wiki. But I was still scared. So many inside jokes... But then a few months later, at the beginning of summer '06, I decided to give it another chance out of sheer boredom. I fell in love with it, and now I'm really addicted. Homestarrunner is now my favorite cartoon, website, and has my favorite wiki. For a few months, I was editing under an IP. I finally got fed up with the little picture with letters and decided to join. On the day of the 10th aniversery of homestarrunner... This is either a good sign, or a Stupid Coincidence, but I helped a little with the 10th aniversery toon. It was very fun, and I'm glad I joined the wiki. Also: my deck was being redone the day No Hands on Deck came out.


Bands that I listen to. Read very, very fast and feel the grooves!

Joe! You've turned into some sort of Christmas ornament!
Found this weird thing in a crusty old Flash 4 book.

External Links

  • My Wedsite - Where I put my Flash cartoons. The ones made with a horrible third party thing aren't that great, but I have Flash 8 professional, so there are some good ones there.
  • [1] - My blog. Nuff said.
  • The door store!
  • bit-101 - A website made by the guy who wrote my actionscript book. he makes one weird thing a day. You can spend HOURS there.

"Commas are like policemen. They're useful when needed, but I prefer they not be where they ought not." - Qermaq

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