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[edit] Hi! Welcome to my userpage!

I've loved H*R ever since I saw it on Halloween night at my friends house. It was the Marshie Short that I first layed my eyes on, and I knew that I was going to love this sight after watching the super-hilarious, if not somewhat creepy, Fluffy Puff Marshmallow. I am now a huge fan of Sbemail, along with The Cheat! Take a look around! Wishing you a great day, --Thecheat1234 18:05, 27 Jul 2005 (UTC)

[edit] Favorite Quotes

  • Strong Bad: " I bet your head isn't worth a $108!"

Strong Sad: " No, but poachers have offered several thousand for my feet."

  • Homestar: " Hey Strong Bad, what about my bottom-"

Strong Bad:" No one wants to here your bottom 10 Homestar!"

Homestar:" Not my bottom 10, my bottom! Ya know, turns around Butt Dance again! Feel the rhythem in your pants now!

Strong Bad:Hguh! Hgu! Ghahh! pukes

  • For good, or for awesome.

[edit] Favorite Toons

  • Biz Caz Fri 1 and 2
  • Experimental Film
  • Meet Marshie
  • Where's the Cheat?
  • Happy Fireworks
  • Peasants Quest Movie Trailer

[edit] Wanna contact me?

If you want to ask me something personally, email me at:, or if your not shy, leave me a message on my talk!

Thank you for visiting my userpage!

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