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Hello, and welcome back to the Homestar Runner Wiki! We hope you like it here, and we encourage you to stay and help contribute!

Things have changed a bit, so here's some links to help you get started editing:

  • If you need help, be sure to read the Help section thoroughly
  • Be sure to read the Wiki Standards before editing
  • Check out the Projects page to see how you can help out

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun! If you have any questions, be sure to ask me or any other members on the welcoming committee and we will be glad to help you.

Have fun! --[[User:Kilroy|Kilroy/talk]] 11:56, 25 Nov 2004 (MST)

P.S. JestersOfTheMoon is still here, his username is Lunar Jesters.

Thanks. - Li'l Daddy Shane 05:07, 21 Dec 2004 (MST)

P.S. Your name is now one of my favorites. Number one because your name sounds like kill Roy.

Roy is the name of one of my friendemies (fren-DUH-meez). And I want to kill him.

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