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Bad Graphics Ghost says: I-AM-NOT-THE-TANDY-I-AM-JUST-ON-IT

The Bad Graphics Ghost was spawned by the Tandy 400 to scare Strong Bad as revenge for being thrown out. It has also appeared on the screen of the broken Tandy on the virus-themed Main Page 22, pestering Strong Bad on the strongbad_email.exe Disc Two menu if the viewer waits around long enough (referred to as a 'Pixel Ghost' by Strong Bad himself), and flying behind the pumpkins in Punkin Stencils. In October 2006, a fan's Bad Graphics Ghost pumpkin carving was featured in Weekly Fanstuff.

In the Strong Bad Email ghosts, the Bad Graphics Ghost shows up on screen at the end. The viewer can "kill" the ghost by moving the cursor over the pixels. As this is done, the pixels will disappear. If not done quickly enough, the ghost will re-draw itself. The viewer can also kill it by holding the "Tab" key. If successfully killed, the scene changes to Strong Sad in outer space, where he "will sing you a scary song".

Complete Filmography

Bad Graphics Santam'n

Other Bad Graphics

Bad Graphics Homestar Runner
A Bad Graphics mushroom cloud

The Tandy has produced "bad graphics" akin to the Bad Graphics Ghost on at least two separate occasions. In butt IQ, Strong Bad used a low-resolution diagram of Homestar Runner to demonstrate the Transitive Butt Property. In retirement, the Tandy conspired with the Compy 386 to kidnap the Lappy 486. In exchange for its safe release, Strong Bad agreed to answer a final email on the two "retired" computers. After answering an email on the Tandy, Strong Bad and Homestar Runner poured Mountain Dew and denture tablets into the Tandy and ignited a bad graphics mushroom cloud.

Compy 386 Skeleton

The Bad Graphics Ghost's Compy colleague
At peace at last

After Strong Bad appeases and destroys the Tandy and the Compy in retirement, the two computers revisit Strong Bad and the Lappy 486 in spectral, undamaged form. Clicking the contrast knobs on the two old computers reveals the Bad Graphics Ghost on the Tandy and a dancing skeleton on the Compy.

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