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"Great Jarb Ramrod"

The Coach Z Talker is a game at the end of A Jorb Well Done, using dialogue from that toon. It's similar to the Homestar Talker, only featuring Coach Z and all the words that he mispronounces.

The Lingo

  • Great
  • Jorb
  • Jaerb
  • Job
  • Jarb
  • Jorearb
  • Homestar
  • Hamstray
  • Ramrod
  • Stramstar
  • Stairmaster
  • Homegrown

Fun Facts

  • Scroll over a button and hold it. Coach Z will say the word, but his head won't move until you release the button.
  • Click a button repeatedly in fast succession. Each click adds a simultaneous voice track of Coach Z, creating an echo effect. This works especially well with "Jorearb" and "Jaerb".

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