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It is in the Computer Room that Strong Bad answers most of his emails. It contains his current computer, the Lappy 486, and Floppy Disk Container resting on a table and a stool. Under the table is a noticeable extra plug for additional electronics. Strong Bad once tried plugging a pair of 'Lectric Boots into this outlet, which subsequently caused the power to go out. Sometimes, the No Loafing Sign poster is seen on the wall.

In gimmicks, the Tandy exploded and Strong Bad flew backwards unusually far, finally breaking through the wall and into Strong Sad's room. Strong Bad's Basement is directly below the computer room, as seen in PAY PLUS! and Sbemail 150?!?.

Another custom feature of this room is the special light switch set just the right height for The Cheat. High on the wall is a window with an old sycamore tree outside. When the branches rub the window just so, they say "Douglas." In pop-up, we see that the ceiling of the computer room has recessed lighting, a fact which was previously stated in different town.

The stool is notable because while the computer room is carpeted, the stool still squeaks when Strong Bad slides it back to stand up. This noise was referred to as the 'get up' noise in the email the bet and was featured in the email geddup noise. Strangely, the room is only carpeted when the shot is looking at the computer - when we look at the light switches, there is no carpet.

Strong Sad turned this room into his Tai Chi space while Strong Bad was in Jail.

Its Old-Timey counterpart is Old-Timey Strong Bad's Telegraph Room.

The desk (or at least the computer) appears to be some way from the wall as shown in most emails by the computer's shadow


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