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Full view of the computer room

The computer room is where Strong Bad answers most of his emails. It contains his current computer (the Lappier) and a floppy disk container resting on the table, and the stool he sits on. The desk appears to be some way from the wall as shown in most emails by the computer's shadow. Under the table is a power outlet where previous computers were plugged in, as well as an extra plug for additional electronics. Strong Bad once tried plugging a pair of 'Lectric Boots into this outlet, which consequently caused a power outage.

Strong Bad answered emails here until hremail 3184, when he deliberately blew up the Lappy 486, but he answered four emails elsewhere (the bird, weird dream, part-time job, and from work). Strong Bad answered imaginary on the Corpy NT6 in his basement, then went back to answering emails in the computer room when he got the Compé in Compy Catalog. Strong Bad still used Stooly while in his basement.

On the far right side of the room, there is a window with an old sycamore tree outside. When the branch rubs the window, it seems to say "Douglas". In pop-up, the ceiling of the computer room is shown to have recessed lighting, a fact which was previously stated in different town. Another custom feature of this room is the special light switch set just the right height for The Cheat. Strangely, the area beneath the light switches has no carpet. Mike Chapman makes fun of this oversight in the DVD commentary for techno, saying, "The Strong house has problems."

Strong Sad turned this room into his Tai Chi space while Strong Bad was in jail. Also, in no loafing, a picture of the computer room from 1987 is shown. The room sported an orange carpet and tacky wallpaper featuring pears and flowers. The wallpaper has since been stripped down and the walls painted blue, but the carpet remains, though it is now faded and unkempt. Also, as shown in the pictures above and to the right, some of it has apparently been removed from the room.

The No Loafing sign hangs on the wall above the table, but it occasionally moves to different places on the wall. In most emails, it was shown to be to the right of the computer, while in no loafing, it was shown to be to the far left. After the Tandy 400's explosion in gimmicks, Strong Bad passes 3 windows and 4 doors in midair, before crashing into Strong Sad's room. However, in little animal, Strong Mad chases Strong bad in a circle, and only one door and one window are seen.

In montage, the montage about The Cheat and the Wagon Fulla Pancakes shows the two in a room with the same walls and carpet as the computer room. In this shot, a window and door are visible and the wagon is sitting in a green recliner with a footrest. It is a bit confusing, though, where the door is. In some Strong Bad Emails, such as email thunder, the door is on the right. But in some other emails, as well as Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, the door is on the left.

The Computer Room's Old-Timey counterpart is Old-Timey Strong Bad's Telegraph Room.

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