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"Just like the previous model, only crappier. I mean, more expensive. I mean, lappier."

The Lappier (stylized as Lappier) is Strong Bad's fifth computer, a laptop introduced on April 1st, 2015 in sbemail206 and, presumably, Compy, Inc.'s successor to the Lappy 486. Strong Bad discovered the Lappier buried under a pile of dust where his previous computer, the Compé, had been; he claimed the dust "compressed" the Compé into the Lappier.

[edit] Quick Facts

Back of the Lappier

Debut: First seen in "sbemail206".

Fonts: Commodore 64, Perfect DOS VGA 437

Interactive Feature: None

Emails checked on the computer: 2

[edit] Programs

  • strongbad_email.exe

[edit] Differences between the Lappier and the Lappy 486

While it is incredibly similar to the Lappy 486 in its design asthetic and its name, it does have a few differences to its predecessor.

  • It does not have an Ethernet port on its back.
  • It is considerably thinner in depth, but larger in size.
  • The Lappy on the screen rotates with a 3-D model rather than a pixelated 2-D model.
  • The screen has a considerably higher pixel density with the 3-D model; however, the text is still pixelated.
    • The Lappier also has a much smaller bezel around the screen.
  • Its power cord is white as opposed to black.
  • It is supposedly more expensive than the Lappy 486.
  • The Lappier has rounded edges as opposed to the Lappy's sharper edges.
  • Clicking on the Lappier's screen does not simulate LCD distortion — or do anything, for that matter.
  • In sbemail206, the Lappier uses the Compy 386's font. However, in too cool, it has switched to the Compé's.

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