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"Just like the previous model, only crappier. I mean, more expensive. I mean, lappier."
The Lappier in action
Lappier's logo

The Lappier (stylized as Lappier) is Strong Bad's fifth main computer, a laptop introduced on April 1, 2015 in the Strong Bad Email sbemail 206 and, presumably, Compy, Inc.'s successor to the Lappy 486. Strong Bad discovered the Lappier buried under a pile of dust where his previous computer, the Compé, had been; he claimed the dust "compressed" the Compé into the Lappier. Strong Bad describes it as "just like the previous model, only crappier [and] more expensive." This statement seems to be at least somewhat accurate, as it lacks many of the Lappy's features, such as a subject line, reply panel, and buttons at the bottom, making its interface more similar to the Compy 386. Like the Compé, it does not have an interactive feature. However, it also has at least one upgrade, a higher prominence of 3D imagery than on previous computers. Its start-up animation is similar to that of the Lappy, except the computer icon spins around in 3D.

At the end of its debut email, sbemail 206, Strong Bad starts to check an email on the Lappier, but due to it being April Fools' Day, a fake error pops up, ending the toon. Its first full email was too cool, where it uses a different font. It is unknown if it has any connection to the CGI Paper, which replaced the Compé-per as Strong Bad's paper in the same email the Lappier was introduced in, and has been used in every Lappier email so far. It is also unknown whether the Lappier is sentient, as the rest of Strong Bad's computers have been. Likewise, it is unknown whether the Lappier kept the Compé's personality and/or memories. Until the post-Flash site update, the Strong Bad Email menu still used the Compé for an unknown reason.

[edit] Quick Facts

Back of the Lappier

Debut: First seen in "sbemail 206".

Fonts: Commodore 64 (sbemail 206 only), Perfect DOS VGA 437

Interactive Feature: None

Emails checked on the computer: 4

[edit] Programs

  • strongbad_email.exe

[edit] Differences between the Lappier and the Lappy 486

While it is incredibly similar to the Lappy 486 in its design asthetic and its name, it does have a few differences to its predecessor.

  • It does not have an Ethernet port on its back.
  • It is considerably thinner in depth, but larger in size.
  • The Lappy on the screen rotates with a 3-D model rather than a pixelated 2-D model.
  • The screen has a considerably higher pixel density with the 3-D model; however, the text is still pixelated.
    • The Lappier also has a much smaller bezel around the screen.
  • Its power cord is white as opposed to black.
  • It is supposedly more expensive than the Lappy 486.
  • The Lappier has rounded edges as opposed to the Lappy's sharper edges.
  • Clicking on the Lappier's screen does not simulate LCD distortion — or do anything, for that matter.
  • It makes a "ding" sound as it brings up the email.
  • In sbemail 206, the Lappier uses the Compy 386's font. However, starting with too cool, it has switched to the Compé's.
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