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Tangerine Dreams in weird dream

Tangerine Dreams was The Cheat's iMac G3 computer. He used it to make Flash cartoons including The Cheat Theme Song, Everybody to the Limit, Main Page 15, and many more. It has also been used by Strong Bad, in lieu of the Tandy 400 due to its inoperability, to check his email in weird dream. In redesign, it was replaced with Monosodium Dreams.


[edit] Known Installed Applications

[edit] The Real Computer

The computer that appears in Labor Dabor appears to be a Tangerine iMac G3 (slot loading), possibly a DV or Special Edition, running Mac OS 9. The computer featured either a 350, 400 or 500 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, supported up to 1 GB of ram, and contained a 6, 10, or 13 GB hard drive. The first slot loading iMacs were released October 4, 1999 and were offered in six colors, including Tangerine.

The logo on Tangerine Dreams (the same logo as on the Tandy 400)—a rainbow-colored star with a bite taken out of its side—is a play on the old Apple logo, a rainbow apple with a bite missing.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Fonts used for Tangerine Dreams are Chicago for the menu and Courier New for the email client.
  • The name Tangerine Dreams comes from the page title of the email weird dream. While the computer is never directly referred to by this name within the Homestar Runner body of work, Mike Chapman indirectly confirmed that it is the computer's name in the DVD commentary for redesign.
  • Tangerine Dream is the name of a German electronic music group and features in part of the song "City Hall" by the band Tenacious D.

[edit] Appearances

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