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"Bah buh bah buh!"

Fat Dudley is Pom Pom's Old-Timey counterpart. He appears to be The Homestar Runner's best friend, just as Pom Pom is Homestar Runner's in the present. Fat Dudley may derive characteristics (dark eyes, jazzy voice) from Leon Redbone, a pop icon recognized for his guitar and vocal interpretations of music from the 1930s.

Similar to Pom Pom's "bubble talk", he speaks in jazz-like musical tones that only the characters can understand. Physically he seems much more human than Pom Pom; he has four-fingered hands covered in white gloves and feet in plain dark shoes. He also wears pants with suspenders, a button-up shirt, and a small hat. In addition, his head and eyes are more circular than his modern counterpart's. As seen in That a Ghost, Fat Dudley seems to have an affinity for hooch.

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