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He fell on you!

Pan Pan, an anime-style Giant Panda, is the 20X6 version of Pom Pom. His body is shaped more or less like Pom Pom's, but with three claws at the end of each limb, large circular mismatched eyes, and a visible mouth, nose and ears. The top half of his body is black, while the bottom half is white. Like the other forms of Pom Pom, he doesn't speak in English; he instead speaks in a strange boinging sound. Pan Pan falling on 1-Up appears to be a running gag.

Pan Pan seems to be a takeoff on the obligatory anime animal mascot, though in Under Construction, he behaves more or less like Pom Pom. Pan Pan may be a reference to Genma from the famed manga and anime Ranma ½. His name may also come from Evangelion's "Pen Pen" (or "Pen2"), a penguin with a similar coloring, name, and blank stare. Like Pen Pen, Pan Pan's name is the first syllable of his species, repeated. In Japanese, pan-pan is an onomatopoeia for the sound of a slap. Also, "pan" is Japanese for bread/bun, which could connote a bulging, plump, or swollen appearance.

He appears to have the ability to inhale enemies like the popular real-life video game character Kirby. This is seen in Twenty THANXty Six, when he sucks Stinkoman and 1-Up into his stomach. Like most other 20X6 characters, getting the appropriate pill in the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu will reveal Pan Pan. There, Pan Pan opens his mouth instead of boinging to talk. In Stinkoman 20X6, Pan Pan gets kidnapped by Z Sabre. 1-Up tries to tell Stinkoman, but Stinkoman has other plans. Eventually, 1-Up is also captured after the rescue fails. In the time between Level 9 and Level 10, he has had many babies (implied by 1-Up to be a hundred).

[edit] Fun Facts

Familiar Faces
  • His facial appearance seems derived from one of the early sketch designs for Trivia Time, as seen in the Museum.
  • From 1986 to 2016, there was an actual giant panda named Pan Pan.

[edit] Complete Filmography

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