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"Say hi, Carol."

Marzipan is the only female character among the primary characters of the Homestar Runner universe. She is a tall and thin character, she wears her hair in a bright yellow ponytail, and she is almost always seen wearing a purple dress with white trim and gold buttons at the bottom. Like Homestar Runner, she does not appear to have visible arms, but nevertheless she is able to pick up and handle objects and play her guitar, Carol. Marzipan—along with her 20X6 and Old-Timey counterparts—is voiced by Missy Palmer.

Marzipan is Homestar's girlfriend, and early on in the site's history, this seemed to be the primary reason for her existence. Her character has developed greatly over time, however, and their relationship no longer appears to be their main focus. Marzipan has actually broken up with Homestar several times, some of which were due to his unintentional mean streak, others so that she could demonstrate her independence. Luckily for Homestar, she continues to love him dearly, and the two always seem to end up together again. (continued...)

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