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Marzi-Mei's cutscene sprite

Marzi-Mei is the 20X6 version of Marzipan. She is a humanoid figure with an even stronger hippie design than her original counterpart with ankle length hair, wearing a purple hair band, a purple white trimmed mantelet and a baggy purple jumpsuit with sleeves and pant legs that completely cover her arms and legs. She wields a 20X6 version of Carol, shaped like a six-pointed flower with a snake curling behind the neck. Carol is now a weapon that fires lasers when strummed.

Her hair color and general jumpsuit design resemble those of her present-day counterpart, with the dress pattern now moved to around her ankles in the redesign. Unlike Marzipan, Marzi-Mei has the appearance of having arms and legs, albeit covered up. Her current look was designed by guest artist Lindsay Small-Butera; design sketches were later shared on Twitter.

In her initial appearance on Main Page 17, she had a humanoid appearance with blue eyes and a long blonde ponytail and wore a purple top, pleated purple miniskirt and pink boots. This design was based on the anime character Sailor Moon. Her animation on the Main Page is identical to Chun-Li's winning pose in Street Fighter II, as is her cheer of "Yatta!" (a Japanese interjection of excitement, usually translated into "All right!" or "I did it!").

She appears in the intro cinematic of Stinkoman 20X6, flying into the middle of a swarm of enemies before playing a chord on her guitar and sweeping a wave of lasers in a wide circle, destroying them all before posing. In the final cutscene of the game, she appears with Cheatball to point out that they should be included in a sequel or animated series which Stinkoman interprets as a by-the-numbers request for a challenge, finally revealing her name in the process; she otherwise does not appear and is not mentioned.

Marzi-Mei has the distinction of having the largest gap between debuting and being named of any character in the series; at 17 years, 11 months, and 11 days; or 6555 days total.

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