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The Lappy 486.
Lappy 486's email client

The Lappy 486 is Strong Bad's third and current computer, and is manufactured by Compy, Inc.

The Lappy 486 has a more modern email program with a subject line, a reply pane, and easy-access buttons: Reply, Forward, Delete, Save, Computer, and Image (Delete, Save, Computer, and Image are hidden by Strong Bad's head). However, when Strong Bad clears the screen, all of it disappears and he continues typing.

Strong Bad describes its startup noise as "classy." His attempt to repeat it is quite out of tune.

Also see Female Lappy 486.


Quick Facts


First seen in Strong Bad Email 119, "animal." First mentioned by The Brothers Chaps in the "invisibility" DVD commentary.


  • 42 pounds!! ("Extremely portable", according to Strong Bad)
  • 2MB Hard Drive!
  • "Several" Color Monitor
  • Warning: Five Minute Battery Life (Strong Bad said it is "One half of ten minutes"—evidence shown in part-time job)
  • 512K RAM
  • "Finally, a computer for your lap!"—Compy

Screen Ratio

The Lappy's aspect ratio is 1.67:1 (width:height) or 5:3, as opposed to a normal screen of 1.3:1 (4:3), a high-definition screen of 1.78:1 (16:9), and a widescreen of 1.85:1.

Interactive Feature

Clicking on the Lappy's screen simulates the effect seen on laptop LCDs: applied force moves the liquid inside (a Liquid Crystal Display), causing a "wave" of distorted colors. Whenever the Lappy 486 is seen in a new email or toon, when you click on the screen to get the effect that is similar on most LCD flat panel monitors, the circle you get matches the color of what is in the reflection (i.e. Red for Strong Bad's head, green for Strong Bad's eyes, etc.), but after a few days or so, the circle is always white. This is also Strong Bad's first computer without contrast buttons besides the Polish Block.


So far, the "Several" Color Monitor refered to in the email "animal" has proved to be 8:

  • Black: background color
  • White: text
  • Blue: email client title bar and shortcut keys
  • Magenta (pink): Lappy 486 logo
  • Cyan (light blue): Lappy 486 logo
  • Yellow: Lappy 486 logo, encore easter egg in the email rock opera
  • Puke Green: "bread sing-alongs" in the email origins
  • Red: menu, for new and emails you have your mouse on

The Real Computer

The 486 was actually a real processor made by Intel. It was quite similar to the 386 processor from a software standpoint, but was considerably faster.

The Lappy seems to be inspired by the Mac Portable, a 38 pound "portable" Macintosh that sold poorly.


The Lappy 486's font is called "Glitch0."

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