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Several products that Strong Bad could pose for were introduced in the Strong Bad Email modeling.

The implication seems to be that Strong Bad is imagining ads for which he wishes to model, and then the closest equivalent for which he has any hope of actually modeling for appears instead.


[edit] Homely Boy Brand Huge Tube Socks

That's one homely boy, all right.

Homely Boy Brand Huge Tube Socks are an imagined brand of tube socks either created, owned, or endorsed by Strong Bad. The ad appears as Strong Bad ponders ads for fancy leather shoes that you're supposed to wear without socks, which astound him. The Homely Boy Brand Huge Tube Socks ad features Strong Bad smiling and wearing two identical blue-and-yellow striped socks while holding another, much longer sock with green stripes. The ad also has the "Homely Boy Brand Huge Tube Socks" logo at the top, Strong Bad's signature, and the slogan "You might could sleep in one!"

[edit] Doctor Stankfoot's Watery Athlete's Foot Cream

Stanky foot.

Doctor Stankfoot's Watery Athlete's Foot Cream is a foot ointment imagined by Strong Bad while describing some fancy men's colognac (a portmanteau of cognac and cologne). Doctor Stankfoot's Watery Athlete's Foot Cream ad features a circular-mouthed Strong Bad applying the ointment to his dirty left foot while leaning up against a much larger container of the cream, all in front of a green gradient background. The top of the paper has what seems to be the slogan: "Got Stinkfoot? Get Stankfoot!" Interestingly, Strong Bad seems to be applying the cream to his shoe.

[edit] The Case of the Dame with the Hard-to-Look-at-Teeth

Look in your mouth, Chezmerelda.

Unattractive Detective Stories!! The Case of the Dame with the Hard-to-Look-at-Teeth is a detective novel imagined by Strong Bad. The cover of the book features Strong Bad wearing a blue hat reminiscent of old detective movies and an unattractive brunette lady with eleven ugly teeth and lots of blue eyeshadow, both in front of a reddish-brown gradient background.

Despite the book shown in the ad, Strong Bad imagines himself in an ad for a steamy romance novel, with a cover featuring his "ripped" self on top of some cliff or lighthouse clutching a milkmaid in a flowy dress, whose name is apparently Chezmerelda. Chezmerelda believes that her relationship with Strong Bad, who she refers to as Parson Jim, can never be, but he instructs her to "look in her heart".

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