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The SBLOUNSKCHED! bar is Strong Bad's very own brand of candy bar, which he of course needs because he is famous, popular, and a chick-magnet. It is produced by Cheap as Free Foodstuffs. The name of the bar is a marketing triumph, and is composed of 50% Strong Bad, 50% tooth rot, and 50% ta-dah!!! The candy concoction is shaped like Strong Bad's pants, with a bite taken out for security purposes. The missing bite is not reflected in the packaging.


"You got... SBLOUNSKCHED!"
  • Gaseous cloud of marshmallow vapor
  • Globules of semi-solid licorice colloid
  • Channel of liquid nougat
  • Crispety cookety log
  • Rich, creamy pepperoni
  • Tiny bowls of crispy puffed rice cereal
  • Boring Brown Chocolate (BBC)

Commercial Jingle

"A pair of half-eaten choco-pants"
You got the munch,
The crisp and the crunch.
Livin' in the gutter with Grandma.
When Coach puts you in,
you gotta go for the win.
Y2K turned out all right!
You can do it!
Crunchy chew it!
Who's got the money?!?


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