Seasonal Sweaters

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"Seasonal sweaters, seasonal sweat"

Marzipan jams about holiday sweaters. The Cheat animates.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marzipan, The Cheat

Places: The Pond

Date: July 19, 2004

Running Time: 0:34

Page Title: Seasonal Sweaters



(In the lower left hand corner of the screen it says:

Seasonal Sweaters
Dir: The Cheat)


One, two, three, four.

Seasonal sweaters
With presents and bows
Snowmen and trees
And sometimes a bell (a bell!)

Seasonal sweaters
Seasonal sweat

Na na na na na,
Na na na, yeah!

Acrylics and yarn
Rayons and knit
Seasonal sweaters
Provide the best fit! (Best fit!)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Fun Facts


  • Couscous is a food which consists of grains made from semolina and is traditionally served under a meat or vegetable stew.


  • This toon is an Easter egg itself, found under "Puppet Style" in Decemberween In July.
  • This toon was added to the menu exactly one week after Decemberween In July was released.


  • Marzipan's guitar sounds very distorted, somewhat like heavy metal—which is odd, because that's not her style. Also, her guitar, Carol, is an acoustic guitar.
  • The Cheat again misnames Marzipan's guitar Carol as "Carl." He also did so in the email "marzipan."
  • When loading, it says "Load it!" instead of "loading..."
  • The miscellaneous sweaters say:
    • "Jing"
    • "ho hum"
    • "na na na na"
    • "what shopping??"
    • "fruit cake is gross!" (with a picture of a fruitcake circled and crossed out)
    • "Back"
  • One of the yarn balls says "yawn".
  • The font on the bag is The Cheat's rendition of Bauhaus93, which is also the font used on Homsar's shirt.
  • The sign next to Marzipan at the start says "free concert for couscous." Later on it says "free concert for The Cheat!"

Inside References

  • The "free concert" sign is a reference to the "free concert for birds" sign from the email marzipan.
  • The sweater saying "Jing" spells it "JiNG" and one says "FRUiTCAKE iS GROSS", yet more instances of Lowercase i's.

Real-World References

  • In one scene, "Seasonal Sweat" is written at the bottom of the screen in a font like the band Slayer uses.
  • The "Seasonal Sweater Bag" is styled after the "little/medium/big brown bag(s)" you get at Bloomingdale's.

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