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"Get offa me!"
"Millions, I tell ya!"
"I swear, no one'll be able to tell!"

Sticky Notes (or Post-its) are pieces of paper with a temporary adhesive strip on the back. They are predominantly yellow, but are available in many colors. They are an iconic office supply used to make quick and impermanent notes. "Post-its" are a specific brand of sticky notes. These are often used in pop culture to exemplify tedious and repetitive office environments. These make frequent appearances on Homestar Runner.


  • In vacation, Strong Bad used a "DORKS!" sticky note to tell everybody off while he was on vacation.
  • In interview, Strong Bad uses sticky notes on the tops of pens as puppets to simulate a discussion with Homsar.
  • In Arcade Game, Strong Bad leaves a sticky note on his Compy 386 to let everyone know that he's "in da basement."
  • In secret recipes, Strong Bad uses sticky notes to cover up a shaved The Cheat.
  • On Main Page 9, when you mouseover the Store button, a sticky note with Strong Bad's face on it saying "i rule" appears over Homestar's face.
  • In pop-up, there is a sticky note that reads, "2 more eggs!" on the refrigerator in Strong Bad's pop-up book.
  • In Puppet Time, Strong Bad uses a sticky note on his Compy to say that he is "probably at a barbeque, with lotsa ladies."
  • In no loafing, Strong Bad puts up a sticky note saying "out to lunch, then appointment, then something else."
  • While fast-forwarding in 2 emails, Strong Bad writes "Van Buren" on a sticky note.
  • On the Strong Bad Email Menu, sticky notes have repeatedly been used to convey messages:
  • In caffeine, Strong Bad's science project has a picture of a Shark mobile on a sticky note.
  • In dangeresque 3, Killingyouguy has "scars" made of sticky notes.
  • On the case of the Strong Bad Email DVD, three sticky notes attached to the Tandy 400 read, "4 karaoke tracks! puppet stuff! 3 unreleased emails!", "tons of bonus, hidden and never before seen stuff!", and "DORKS!"
  • In Biz Cas Fri 1, there is a sticky note on the wall that says "ASAP."
  • In Biz Cas Fri 2, Strong Bad presents a Post-it to the company shareholders, and his cubicle is covered with sticky notes.
  • In Biz Cas Fri 3, there is a sticky note in Strong Bad's cubicle that reads "FYI!!"
  • In Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0, Homestar tries to sell Marzipan Post-it notes.
  • In Strong Bad's float for Fall Float Parade, he uses sticky notes to put a mouth on the one snowman, and a hat on Strong Sad.
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