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This is Strong Sad's personal weblog. It originated with the Strong Bad Email website, when you could access it by clicking on the "F10" image at the bottom of Strong Bad's web site. It was on hiatus for 17 months until August 5, 2004, when Strong Sad remembered his password and began posting regularly again.



  • Aug. 26: "You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake."
    • This is also the title of an Adam Sandler CD (warning: explicit lyrics).
    • Also a quote from the movie Carrie, which the Sandler clip was based on.
  • Aug. 12: "When you grow up, your heart dies."
  • Aug. 7: "Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is beautiful"
  • Prior to Aug. 7: "Dancin-a with myseh-helf wah wah wah-o."



  • 09.09.04 (6:54am) - Dinner for One
    • Mood: zonked.
    • Tune: Mr. Mom - Original Movie Soundtrack
    • Strong Sad explains his philosophy on food and how it should be eaten. He also learns gravity is against him.
  • 08.26.04 (7:15am) - History Lesson Part II
  • 08.19.04 (12:01am) - The Curse of Keen Eyes
    • Mood: more humble than usual
    • Tune: my own remix - The writings of Gregor Mendel read over some old Brian Eno stuff
    • Strong Sad observes others' lives and gets banned from Soiled Bargains.
  • 08.12.04 (9:38am) - Dr. Scholls?
    • Mood: brissly
    • Tune: Peter Murphy - Holy Smoke
    • Strong Sad finally comes out about his soolnds. Er, soonlds. Er, elephant feet.
  • 03.13.03 (3:12pm) - Weird Time
    • Mood: smarmy
    • Tune: Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat
    • After more than a year, Strong Sad finally remembers the password to his blog: gray_n_grey584.
  • 02.28.03 (4:08am) - More Like Writer's Blecchh!
    • Mood: getting frustrated
    • Tune: Godspeed You Black Emperor - I can't tell where one song stops and the next one starts
    • Strong Sad writes a poem about his cleverness
  • 02.20.03 (10:38am) - Post-it on my face
  • 11.23.02 (1:00pm) - A New Pain
    • Mood: devoid
    • Tune: The smiths-meat is Murder
    • Strong Sad tries to help SB whistle, but he ends up getting a pain in the knee called,"Kreigh".
  • 11.18.02 (1:00pm) - A New Beginning of the End
  • 11.17.02 - The Beginning of the End

Easter Eggs

  • When at Strong Sad's user profile, you can click "[none]" after "friends" to see Strong Sad's fond memories, which he keeps under his bed. These include:
    • A "kard" by Strong Bad.
    • A snow globe with the words "You're Number 1".
    • A Super 8 film of Strong Bad scaring Strong Sad.
    • A photo of him and Strong Bad as children.

Fun Facts

  • When depressio first came out, you could get it by emailing Strong Sad.
  • Here is Strong Sad's user profile:
Name: Strong Sad
AOL IM: depressio111117
Quote: "Each day we die a little more."
Interests: Listening, Books, Listening to books, Calligraphy, Poetry, Safety, Being alone, Arts, Crafts, Arts b/w Crafts
Friends: None
  • For a short while on August 12th, 2004, heading to the front page of Homestar Runner (that is, the "come on in"/"watch intro" page) would instead bring up Strong Sad's blog. It was fixed before long, however. It's not certain if it was an accident or intentional, but given that it blocked all access to the site for a short period of time (without sneaking through the "404'd" pages), it's likely an accident.
  • When you click on Strong Sad's profile, when it brings up the info, look at the picture of 'Morpheus'. It will drip a small drop of blood from the pictures eye.
  • Strong Sad says he can't jump, despite doing two lousy jumping jacks in A Jumping Jack Contest.
    • This might be a reference to the fact that elephants are supposedly the only mammals who can't jump.
  • Strong Sad actually made a typo in the "Post-it on my face" entry.

He writes "If I type real quite, maybe he won't come in here." Instead of quiet.

  • Strong Sad's "Fond Memories" show that perhaps Strong Bad used to be nice to Strong Sad. However, this is immeadiately brought into question by the card.
  • The photo from the "Secrets that I keep" page show Strong Sad with a Peanuts (Charlie Brown) shirt on.
  • "Saddy Dumpington" playing a washboard may be a reference to 20X6 vs. 1936.
  • "Strong Sad's Lament" is a reference to a famous section of a Catullus poem (in Latin) called "Ariadne's Lament"
  • Strong Sad's profile quote says "Each day we die a little more.". You can hear him say that on the Spin 'n' Say.
  • "Arts b/w Crafts" in Strong Sad's profile is a reference to the titles of old vinyl singles and LP's, when "b/w" was an abbreviation put between the a-side name and b-side name which stood for "backed with".
  • The title of the 8/26/04 entry, "History Lesson Part II," is also the title of a song by the Minutemen (from 1984's Double Nickels on the Dime LP).

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