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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
*'''Debut:''' [[depressio]]
*[[1 step ahead]]
*[[1 step ahead]]

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Inside the room of depressio

Strong Sad's room is where Strong Sad spends most of his time, when not getting pummeled by Strong Bad. This is where Strong Sad plays board games with other board games and Homsar and Jenga with The Cheat on Tuesdays.


The walls are purple, and he has several posters. One is for The Cure album "Boys Don't Cry" and has a silhouette of Robert Smith. Another is a poster for the movie "Some Kind of Wonderful". A third is a purple poster of "The Promise Ring" over his bed.

Notable Contents

Strong Sad must have his own computer to maintain his blog, check his email, and upload songs to his iPod, but this machine has yet to be revealed.


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