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Removal theory?

The removal of the cartoon probably has something to do with the writing credit by R. Craig Zobel. They probably wanted anything that wasn't made completely by Chapmans gotten rid of, to remove the threat of future lawsuits.

Hm. That isn't really plausible, since Craig also helped write Where's The Cheat? and the Original Book and both of these toons are still on the site. And I haven't read anything that would lead me to believe that Craig and The Brothers Chaps aren't friends anymore. You refer to "future lawsuits", was there one in the past that I'm not aware of? -- Tom 10:17, 18 Sep 2004 (MST)
Not that I know of, but a small time operation like H*R that is fast turning into a super successful enterprise might want to keep its butt covered, and the Chaps are smart guys who know this. Anyways, it was just an idle speculation.
So you can't back up your theory with fact and admit that it isn't even probable. Do you know The Brothers Chaps personally? Because I find it hard to believe that you would know what they are thinking if you don't actually know them. Let's not speculate at all. Or at the very least, keep it on the forum. -- Tom 19:22, 18 Sep 2004 (MST)

References in later toons

Is that section really needed? Couldn't they all be lumped in with the Fun Facts? --Upsilon

EDIT: Since I've received no feedback, I'm going to delete the section and put all the references into Fun Facts. If there are any objections, let me know. --Upsilon

The Announcer's Monocle

Strang... In this cartoon the glare of the Anouncer's monocle is a Z. I wonder if this has something to do with Coach Z. Coach Z looks a lot like the Anouncer.


I'm kind of glad they took this off. It isn't really funny. You know, at all. If they re-did it and made it funny I'd like it. -- FireBird|Talk

It is so funny! :P :P :P :P :P :P -Miss Free Country USA

One of the best cartoons

I just saw the cartoon on the mirror website, and I couldn't believe how good it was! It was funny, too. It's about 15 times better than Marshmallow's Last Stand.

Homsar999 17:58, 11 Nov 2004

I aggree with Homsar999. I hear so many people say it's not funny but I think it's hillarious.

The fluffy noodle boy

Which Came First?

Which did TBC make first, this toon or The Reddest Radish? I have reason to believe that they made the Reddest Radish first because in that one Strong Bad's eyes are slightly pointed at the bottom like in Marshamallow's Last Stand but in A Jumping Jack Contest they're completely round like they are now. -Miss Free Country USA

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