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Left to right: Mike and Matt Chapman
The Brothers Chaps (often abbreviated as TBC) are Mike and Matt Chapman, native "Atlantians" and the creators of Yes, the amazing, spectacular, incredibly awesome people who are behind the wonders of Homestar Runner.


In 1996 during the Olympics in Atlanta, Mike Chapman and his friend Craig Zobel created a children's book called "The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest." They did this out of pure boredom and just to make fun of the pathetic-looking children's books they saw at their local mall. After writing and drawing it, they copied about 10 books and gave them to some of their friends to read for fun.

Looking spiffy in black and white

Fast-forward to 1999. Mike started learning Flash and decided to practice it on some of the characters from the original book. His little brother Matt Chapman did the voices for the cartoons, and together they launched a tiny website to show their close friends their little cartoons. Word of mouth spread about the funny cartoons, and they became a smash hit. Cool!

Fun Facts

  • Their father is Don Chapman, a retired chief financial officer of an insurance firm. Their mother is Harriet Chapman.
  • They have 3 (other) siblings.
  • They were raised in a religious family.
  • They have a young niece, who is featured in several Puppet Stuff films.

External Links

Video and radio interviews are available in the Links section.

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