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About Me

From "Your Friends"

I'm a 24 year old geek from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In a more personal sense, you'd be calling me Chris Comstock, and you'd probably make fun of the fact that I wear sunglasses indoors.

I was introduced to SB Emails with your_friends, and have been a fan of ever since. Although if Strong Bad wasn't around, I probably would have never been a fan in the first place.

My other hobbies include video games and anime, so a couple other e-mails I enjoyed are Japanese Cartoon and Video Games. I've been known to administrate Anime Club Message Boards and write reviews and not update my GameFAQs FAQ on Rival Schools.

If you wish to contact me, you can email me at or, you can instant message me using any of the addresses below.

  • AIM: baleetedcvg
  • MSN:

My Favorites

My Relevant Favorites

STRONG SAD: Did you get four hundred thousand viruses?
STRONG BAD: {shaken} Yes... very yes!
STRONG BAD: In the final stages, subject became: Erratic, violent, and Really Funny to Watch.
Captain of the Gravy Train

These are my favorites when it comes to the website, which is of more interest here, all things considered:

Favorite e-mail: virus
2nd Favorite e-mail: caffeine
Favorite character: Homsar

My Non-Relevant Favorites

Basically, it's stuff that doesn't really pertain to but I feel like mentioning because I can.

Favorite video game: Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Favorite (non animated) movie: Shawshank Redemption, The
Favorite (animated) movie: Porco Rosso

My Sandbox

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