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(Whaaat? We can add a 5th image very easily! :) (this should be good enough for the future, right?))
(oops! bring this default value back! I have no idea why I removed it... (no need for special handling for now since this is the top-most template))
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     -->|@strongbadactual (Instagram)=[[instagram:p/{{{id|}}}/|{{{date|Date}}}]]<!--
     -->|@strongbadactual (Instagram)=[[instagram:p/{{{id|}}}/|{{{date|Date}}}]]<!--

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Text / Transcript Date / Link

(no text)


How to use the template

|id=The number at the end of the post's URL (for example, 913122813711708161). This is used for two reasons— links to the section on the page ([[@StrongBadActual Tweets 2014#913122813711708161]]) and the URL in the Link column.
|site=For differentiating Twitter or Instagram posts. DO NOT USE unless absolutely necessary, as this template is programmed to match the page it's on.
|pic=The post's image or a video thumbnail.
|pic2=A second image.
|pic3=A third image.
|pic4=A fourth image.
|pic5=A fifth image.
|size=For changing the size of the image. Again, DO NOT USE unless there is a good reason, as the images are automatically formatted to be 200 pixels wide (188 for videos, due to the filmstrip border).
|size2=Size of the second image.
|size3=Size of the third image.
|size4=Size of the fourth image.
|size5=Size of the fifth image.
|pinned=Set to a non-blank value if the Tweet has been pinned.
|text=The text of the post.
|link=If the post is a link, put the link information here.
|quote=If the post is a Quote Tweet, put any additional information here, including the person who posted what was linked to, and a paraphrase of what they posted.
|reply=If the post is a reply, put any additional information here, including the person who was replied to, and a paraphrase of what they posted.
|refers=If the post refers to someone else's, but does not link to it, put any additional information here (such as a link to the post that was referenced).
|deleted=If the post has been deleted, put something here (for example, "yes" or "true").
|retweet=If a post is Retweeted with no additional text, put the username and content type here (for example, "@trogdorgame's video").
|image transcript=Transcribing the image if there is any text in it.
|video transcript=Transcribing the video.
|live video transcript=Transcribing a live video.
|poll=If a poll is posted, put the options here.
|fun facts=Fun facts regarding the post.
|date=The date of the post.
|film=Characters who appeared in the post.
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