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[edit] About Me

I live in Georgia. I discovered Homestar Runner in 2003 thanks to a friend of mine. However, I did not really get into it until I watched the toon Bug In Mouth Disease, which remains one of my favorites to this day.

[edit] Favorite Quotes

"No Probalo!"-Senor Cardgage (Senor Mortgage)

"We need you to stick these wine coolers down your your headband."-Blue Laser Minion (Commandos in the Classroom)

"Does anybody here know if it is either illegal or unethical to wanna eat yourself?"-Homestar Runner (Decemberween Short Shorts)

"Okay, good! Then he can stay where he is!"-Bubs in reference to Rich (buried)

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Free bagels just happened."-Strong Bad (4 branches)

"Yes, this phone is plugged in."-Coach Z (Homestar Presents: Presents)

"Girls are confusing!"-Strong Mad (imaginary)

"I like eating lunch!"-The King of Town (record book)

"I've transcribed Paradise Lost onto this single grain of basmati rice! In four languages!"-Strong Sad (record book)

[edit] Favorite Toons/Emails

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