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"I'll give ya two thin dimes for this pantyhose doll."

Aunt Gert is a doll that was being sold by Strong Bad in garage sale that seems to be made of pantyhose. She was originally put up at Strong Bad's "GARBAGE SALE" for 25 cents. However, Bubs, the "Haggler", commented that Aunt Gert might have been worth more if she was wearing a troll outfit or a witch's hat, despite Strong Bad's claim that he paid $6.50 for her in 1998 dollars when she was new. However, Bubs eventually managed to buy Aunt Gert for twenty-two and a half cents.

A preliminary doodle of Aunt Gert later appeared in the Sketchbook for June 10, 2005. She also seems to have been mentioned (as [A]untie [Ger]tr♥de) on Homestar's mug in hremail 3184.

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