Coach Z and The Cheat's Relationship

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"Oh, your payment. How's about a nice slice of chin strap pizza?"

Coach Z and The Cheat have a good relationship, particularly from having collaborated on several music videos. Of course, they also sometimes have bad moments.


[edit] Coach Z and The Cheat Working Together

[edit] Coach Z and The Cheat Getting Along

[edit] Coach Z and The Cheat in Conflict

[edit] Other Interaction

  • Email crazy cartoon, Email mile, and Summer Short Shorts — In his Powered by The Cheat animations, The Cheat portrays Coach Z as being supportive of him.
  • Rap Song — Coach Z gives The Cheat a piece of chinstrap pizza as payment, which disgusts The Cheat.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Coach Z and The Cheat are on the rebels' side in Maps and Minions.
  • Where U Goin' 2? — The Cheat onces again uses Coach Z in a Powered by The Cheat animation.
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