Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d

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"Watch out! When Daddy's P.O.'d, the family fun never stops!"

Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d is a board game by Boardelectrix. It was first seen in the promotional video for Trogdor!! The Board Game. The board resembles a backyard. There is a patio in the bottom-left corner with a barbecue on it, grilling sausages. A wiggly path, separated by spaces, weaves through the backyard. The path goes under a white-and-orange-striped hammock, and ends at a lawnmower. In the video, paper pieces of the Sad Kids are seen on the path. In the middle, a plastic 3D Daddy spins around. Only his top half is visible. He is orange and humanoid, with eyes, ears, a nose, and an underbite with one tooth. He is wearing a white undershirt with chest hairs underneath, and hairs can faintly be seen on his chin. His arms are reaching into the air. Flat plastic shapes of different colors are spread around the board, and there is a box with a notepad and pencils. There are two green dice with numbers, a blue die with actions, and a four-sided triangular blue die. There are also small cubes; both white opaque ones and yellow translucent ones. There is also a small sand timer.

In an episode of Six-Sadded, Die, Strong Sad and Lucky Yates try to figure out the rules. In their version, it is a two-player game, with each player controlling a different Sad Kid. The goal is to start at the patio, go to the lawnmower to do chores, and then back to the patio. Each turn, the player rolls the two numbered dice and moves the combined number of spaces. If the player lands on a Daddy possession, such as the hammock, they have to roll the blue action dice to determine Daddy's decision. If "move" is rolled, the Daddy moves to the possession. If Daddy moves too close to the player, they get in trouble, and must put a frame in front of him as if he's in a portrait. If the player moves too close to Daddy, they must write a letter of appreciation to him. If the player rolls doubles, they get stonewalled from the barbecue (using a red shape). At some point, they may switch the red wall with a green one to become a lawn, and move it over to the lawnmower, making them no longer stonewalled from the barbecue. If you are not stonewalled from the barbecue, you may go back and get some s'mores. If both players are on the hammock, the next player may bounce on the hammock to send the other player back to the start.

The cubes go on the barbecue. The white ones are marshmallows or s'mores, and the yellow ones are hot coals. The player may put them in Daddy's mouth. It is also an elemental game, with different colored shapes representing different elements (such as grass, water, brick, steel, and wind). The flat shapes may also be sandwich ingredients (such as tomato, lettuce, and Hellmann's mayonnaise), and may be stacked up to make a sandwich, but its relevance to the game is unknown. The player can draw Daddy under a time limit (determined by the sand timer), but it is unknown when this occurs, or what effect it has. Under some circumstances, tapping Daddy's head makes him P.O.'d, causing him to move and spin around. The purpose of the four-sided die is unknown.

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