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"Sounds unsavory."

F-Sack is the filthy sack Strong Bad carries around in Flash is Dead!, presumably containing classic Flash motion tweens and deprecated actions. Homestar Runner mistakenly thinks the sack's name is Horse Giblets when Strong Bad uses that term to refer to the situation presented in the toon. Strong Bad then tells him the sack's name is F-Sack. In an Easter egg, the filthy sack says that sometimes it thinks Horse Giblets would have been a better name. His voice is apparently modeled on that of Bing Crosby and is very similar to that of the Sheriff from Happy Dethemberween.

On day 24 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar, he is a member of Late Era New-ish Characters Union 208 alongside Anew App and Humidibot.

[edit] Appearances

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