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These are the visuals shown during Fish Eye Lens.

Lyrics Visuals
Woke up this morning in a rap song video Strong Bad walks to the left by the couch. A sun with a face is in the corner.
Can you help me with my hip-hop ditty, yo? A flat-looking Coach Z is rolled out from under the couch. After Strong Bad reaches the left of the screen, he appears on the right side and walks to the left again. On "yo", the word "yo" appears on the couch, written in duct tape.
Well, Coach Z, that all depends Strong Bad keeps walking. On "depends", the screen changes to a pair of hands putting on green mittens with snowflakes.
Can you get your green mittens on a fisheye lens? When the mittens are on the hands, the hands and mittens become Coach Z's hands, which then catch a fisheye lens. Strong Bad and Coach Z appear in front of a city background. A synth bass plays two notes as the fisheye effect is seen twice.
I'm sorry, did you just say, "Waughmp Waughmp"? The words "Waughmp Waughmp?" appear in a speech bubble next to Coach Z as he says them, and the fisheye effect is seen twice.
That's right, and you know what that means. Coach Z's head spins, and the speech bubble spins and disappears. Strong Bad smiles and leans close to Coach Z. The fisheye effect is seen.
I don't! Coach Z's head jumps up, disconnected from his body.
Things are about to get... The words "Things are about to get..." appear in a white starburst on an orange background with a brown outline of turkey on a plate. The starburst spins, and the words have an orange drop shadow that appears and disappears.
bulbous. Strong Bad appears with his head mostly out of frame on a background with hills and an orange and purple sky with orange clouds. He moves his hands, framing a circle, and a blue circle appears with the word "BULBOUS" on it. The circle grows bigger and pops as the screen becomes bulging and round, with a background of different colored flashing stripes.
Waughmp waughmp! Strong Bad and Coach Z appear. Strong Bad punches the camera twice.
I bought a fisheye lens Coach Z moves closer to the camera and points.
And make a rap video On "rap", Coach Z moves his head even closer to the camera.
With a couple of friends The screen flashes between normal and inverted colors, ending with inverted colors.
It goes, waughmp waughmp! Coach Z moves away from the camera, and Strong Bad punches the camera on each "waughmp". On the second punch, the colors become normal again.
All the ladies and mens Strong Bad moves closer to the camera.
They know everything is better with a fisheye lens Strong Bad spreads his arms across the screen, and it flashes between inverted and normal colors, ending with normal colors. The words "FISH EYE LENS" appear, and the fisheye effect is used on them. The words then become normal.
Hey, that chorus wasn't kidding! Coach Z appears on a background with blue ground and trees. He points to the camera twice on each sound of the synth bass. Coach Z dances.
Check out how cool my rap points look! Coach Z moves so that his foot is bulged most with the fisheye effect.
With a fisheye lens, you don't need to know how to rap, or skateboard, or do anything well! Strong Bad, wearing orange square glasses, slides to where his mouth is already floating. He is next to a podium with the word "college" on it, and a projecting screen with "Intro to Fish-eye Lens" on it. The camera zooms in on one lens of his glasses, and the words "Chapter 1" appear on a white background.
Just put the camera on the ground A page turns to a camera labeled "Fig. 1a". It moves downwards.
And aim it up The camera points upwards, with a dotted arrow showing its path, at a Strong Bad silhouette labeled "Fig. 5B". Two dotted lines extend diagonally from the camera to the top and bottom of the Strong Bad silhouette.
My kicks look huge Coach Z appears on the fisheye screen on a sidewalk. His foot is the most bulged.
And my crew looks tough Three grayscale figures are seen, with a Strong Bad-like one in the middle wearing a white shirt and a hat that covers his eyes. The Cheat's head replaces what is seen of Strong Bad's head, and his fist appears with a sparkle on it and "TUFF" written with a letter on each finger. The fist moves closer to the camera.
We got bulbous hands A hand, labeled "Fig. 2h", appears on a white background with a camera aimed up on it. The hand bulges.
And bulbous feet The hand is replaced with a shoe, labeled "Fig. 2f", and the shoe also bulges.
Turn your back to the camera The label "Fig. 2f" is replaced with "Fig. 2?", and the "Fig. 5B" silhouette slides in. The shoe disappears. The silhouette flips so that its back is turned to the camera, and the text on it flips as well.
Shake those bulbous cheeks! The "butt" of the silhouette starts shaking.
Aw, look at that! I've got a considerable rear shelf! Coach Z appears on the fisheye screen with rainbow bushes in the background. He turns around, and his butt bulges. A flower in a pot falls on his butt, and he shakes it.
That makes me uncomfortable! Waughmp waughmp Strong Bad's head floats in from the right, and the words "that", "makes", "me", "un", "comf", and "terble" appear on his mouth. The word "terble" floats to the right.
I bought a fisheye lens Cut to a close-up of the right-front wheel of the red car on the pavement, appearing as a gray background, with Coach Z's Z carved on the hubcap of it, spinning, showing a reflection of Coach Z and Strong Bad on a background with color changing stripes.
And make a rap video with a couple of friends On "rap", Coach Z moves his head closer to the camera.
It goes, waughmp waughmp! The word "waughmp" appears and bulges twice. It then spins, getting smaller.
All the ladies and mens Cut to a bathroom sign with the "women" and "men" figures. The fisheye effect moves to the left, and ends up on the "women" figure.
They know everything is better with a fisheye lens Both figures start dancing as confetti falls.
And once you use the fisheye Coach Z's feet appear on a skateboard going down the sidewalk.
Well, you just can't stap Coach Z leans his head down so that it is visible.
It used to be kind of expensive Coach Z holds a "$$$" price tag.
But then the price draeerrrrrrped Cut to Strong Bad jumping in slow motion off a curb.
I jumped in slow motion Strong Bad lands, and his diamond now looks like a jewel.
Off the curb The screen flips horizontally on each word.
Without a skateboard Cut to Strong Bad on a skateboard on a sidewalk near The Field. His skateboard disappears.
That should look absurd Strong Bad jumps off the curb, smiling, with a dotted line showing his path.
But with my fisheye lens Cut to the grayscale "crew", revealing they all have Strong Bad heads. The ones on the left and right are carrying guitar cases. The Strong Bad head with a jewel appears on each member, from left to right, on "fish", "eye", and "lens". (This is a parody of the Check Your Head album cover.)
Hey, haven't ya heard? The Strong Bad head with a jewel appears on each member, from left to right, on "hey", "haven't", and "ya". It then appears on the member on the left, on the word "heard".
I got the moves so smooth make ya mom say Cut to Strong Bad jumping off the curb with the fisheye screen. He spins in mid-air.
Those are some exceptionally smooth moves! "Your Mom" appears on a white background, a simply-drawn woman with gray hair and brown square glasses. She says the words. The screen slightly tilts to the beat.
Coach Z! SB! Whatcha got for me? Coach Z and Strong Bad appear as fish in a dirty fish tank.
I got the F! I! S! H! E! Y! E! Close shot of the space between the Coach Z and Strong Bad fish. The letters appear one by one, made out of bubbles.
Lens! The Coach Z and Strong Bad fish, as well as the letter "E", transform into the word "Lens".
Let's pretends I got ten girlfriends Cut to Coach Z with a top hat and monocle in a space with lights and a soft blue bench seat. Ten of Pom Pom's girls appear one by one, all wearing purple dresses.
And make amends in my Benz with a fisheye lens Coach Z kicks up his right foot, and all of the girls except three disappear. He then kicks up his left foot, which has a Mercedes-Benz logo on it, and the girls appear again. Coach Z kicks up his right foot, then his left.
It goes, waughmp waughmp! Coach Z spins upside down, and bulges out twice as the words "Tastefully Done" appear.
I bought a fisheye lens The words "Fish Eye Lens" appear on a yellow and pink city background. They bulge, and then go back to normal.
And make a rap video Coach Z appears on the fisheye screen with a background with blue ground and trees.
With a couple of friends The words "RAP Points" appear, with the word "RAP" having a pink splat around it, and the word "Points" being written in yellow, pointy letters.
It goes, waughmp waughmp! Coach Z's right foot bulges. Cut to the words "Dope Rhymes" laid flat on a yellow brick background. A spatula moves under the words.
All the ladies and mens The spatula flips the words towards the camera.
They know everything is better A shoe appears on a colored stripe background. It bulges twice.
With a fisheye lens A sitting Strong Bad silhouette with a space pattern appears and spins towards the camera. The shoe bulges twice again.
Man, fisheye lens, I bet you could even make Cut to Strong Bad and Coach Z with a city background. Strong Bad is holding the fisheye lens.
lame stuff look cool. Yeah, yeah! The words "Not a sub-tweeter" appear, with an arrow pointing to the fisheye lens.
What about tax papers? A W-2 tax paper labeled "Tax Papin' It Live" appears and knocks the fisheye lens out of Strong Bad's hand.
Oh, look at how cool those papes look! Cut to the fisheye screen, where the tax paper is skateboarding on a sidewalk. It jumps and spins on the skateboard.
And how about a pair of tan pants! Cut to Coach Z. Tan pants appear on his body and flash.
Ooh! Coach Z and his tan pants appear on a fisheye screen, with the pants having purple money drawn on them and the words "CA$H" and "'LERS" written on them.
Somebody say country dish towel! Cut to Strong Bad in front of Coach Z. He holds up a country dish towel with dark red checkers and a simple red chicken drawing on them.
Country dish towel! Cut to Strong Bad and Coach Z on stage, with their legs jiggling. The country dish towel is on a fisheye screen above them. The silhouetted crowd is cheering, while "COU", "NTRY", "DISH", and "TOWEL" appear in lights.
Ahem! I have an idea of what we could try Cut to Homestar with fly wings on his back and an umbrella replacing the propeller on his hat.
What happens if you point it A Homestar with a Campbell's soup can saying "HOME STAR" for his body comes out of the fly Homestar's mouth. The fly Homestar flies away.
At a real fish eye? A hand appears, holding up an orange fish with one bulging eye. A camera points at the bulging eye. The video comes to a halt. A mouse cursor appears from the left and activates a crudely drawn software menu. The options are "BLOATATE", "FORNGE", "PAXELiZE", "DISTORT", "MUFFLIN'", and "PAINT DAUBZ". "DISTORT" is chosen, which brings up a submenu: "ELOAK", "PRIVET", "TWIRL", "ZAPPOS", "TENASCHE", and "RELUMP". "TWIRL" is chosen. The entire scene begins swirling like a whirlpool. Strong Bad, Coach Z, and Homestar go down the drain and disappear in a pop.
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