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Watercolor and all

Folk Tale World is the setting of The Folky Tale of Saddy Dumpington, a product of Strong Sad's imagination with some embellishments from Coach Z. A town, a forest, and a lake are the only areas that have been shown to exist in the world so far. Populating Folk Tale World are Saddy Dumpington, the townsfolk, the mayor, a little girl, The Dancing Brothers and various woodland creatures (most of which Saddy calls "[Animal] Joe").

It is portrayed in a watercolor art style, which is produced using vector graphics, just like all the other animation, but overlaid with a low-opacity bitmap to make the canvas texture.

[edit] Citizens of Folk Tale World

Name Description Image
Saddy Dumpington
See main article: Saddy Dumpington
A Little Girl
Not to be confused with Little Girl.

This Little Girl appeared in A Folky Tale and was made sad by Saddy Dumpington.

The Squirrel The orphaned squirrel from A Folky Tale. Saddy made soup out of his family.
The Dancing Brothers
See main article: The Dancing Brothers
The Mayor As the name implies, he is the mayor of Folk Tale Town. The Mayor (literally) kicks Saddy Dumpington out of town because he is so depressing.
Mr. Cricket Mr. Cricket can be assumed to have had his legs yanked off by Saddy in A Folky Tale. According to Saddy, crickets have no central nervous system, so he would have felt no pain.
Fox Joe Fox Joe lives in the forest to which Saddy was sent. He might have been subject to one of Saddy's depressing encouragements, but luckily was interrupted by the Dancing Brothers.
Weird Snake Joe Saddy dressed as Weird Snake Joe because he thought that weird snakes are miserable and depressing. The townsfolk didn't think so.
The Townsfolk The Townsfolk began laughing uncontrollably when Saddy left. They laughed so much when he came back dressed as Weird Snake Joe that they became permanently unconscious.
Turkey Joe This turkey appeared in Toikey TV. He panics when Saddy tells him of his plans to rip out his entrails, grind them up with some rosemary and sage, and shove them back inside him. For some reason, he wears socks.

[edit] Places of Folk Tale World

Name Description Image
The Town The town is where all the human citizens of Folk Tale World live. It plays host to the annual "Rocks and Brown Grass Festival".
The Forest The forest is where all the animals of Folk Tale World live.
The Lake The lake is where Saddy sits and receives the letter telling him to come say something miserable and depressing.
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