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The Pom Family

General and Fraulein Pom Pom are Pom Pom's parents. They first appeared in the Museum cartoon Pom Pom, Too, pictured as large blue and pink Poms. Strong Bad wrote them a brief letter about Pom Pom "exploding in a big fiery ball that was visible from space" in the Strong Bad Email pom pom. However, when Strong Bad envisioned Pom Pom's hypothetical family in the DVD-exclusive email Family Resemblence, he imagined Pom Pom's parents to be a filing cabinet.

Fräulein is a German honorific, no longer in common usage, which refers to an unmarried woman (similar to the Anglo American "Miss"). This is odd considering the fact that Strong Bad seems to be writing to both of them in the same letter, suggesting that they live together and may be married.

In independent, it was stated that Pom Pom's father (presumably General Pom Pom) owns Pom Pictures, a film studio.

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